Beginning and Ending of ‘Sisters’

Lights, camera, selfie!

‘Sisters’ opens with B-roll of Katie and Jenny interacting; Katie expresses frustration that Jenny does not want to be filmed, we hear Jenny’s nurse in the background saying “You’re a rockstar…you have to be filmed!” This takes us into our opening titles, with V/O from Katie introducing us to herself and her role as both a film student and a big sister. The   V/O runs into Katie’s dad clapping the slate, which takes us into our title credit and then into the story proper.

We wrap up the story with B-roll of Katie entering Ex’pression and explaining that “imagination is the great love of my life” and expressing gratitude that she is able to pursue her artistic aspirations as an Ex’pression student. She says, “Jenny loves me unconditionally and there’s not much more you can ask for than that as a human being.” This takes us into our closing credits.

We will have appropriate musical cues for intro. and end credits.

Jenny's birthday shenanigans

Jenny’s birthday shenanigans