Rough Cut (Thoughts On)

One of the difficulties we had with our rough cut was figuring out how to structure the story of Katie and Jenny’s relationship. Since our story is ongoing, it’s tough to nail down a good ending that leaves the viewer with a solid sense of Jenny’s personality and how her disability has affected the other member’s of her family.

One of the things that definitely needs to be more clearly addressed is Katie’s depression and how Jenny’s disability has changed her perspective on herself and on life in general. We may have to shoot more footage of Katie talking about her depression and how she has learned from Jenny.

We’ve had a hard time getting good candid footage of Jenny because she is very camera-shy and it’s hard to record her surreptitiously. Katie’s found many more archival photos of Jenny growing up, so we will definitely be incorporating those in the final cut.

Another difficulty is getting interview with Jenny’s other sister Sarah, who is currently hard at work as an Environmental Science major at UC Berkeley.

One of the most important things is finding a good balance between the more dramatic elements of the story (Jenny’s severe disability and limitations and the toll it’s taken on her family) and the more lighthearted segments (Jenny’s sparkling personality and the joy she brings to her family and her caregivers.)

We know that one of the biggest themes of our film, and one of our biggest goals, is to remind people not to take their lives for granted, or to make assumptions based on first glances about people like Jenny.

The stories that we tell ourselves matter, and as far as we’re concerned, Jenny’s disability is far from her most interesting characteristic, it’s just one facet of who she is.