Rough Cut (Critique Notes)

The feedback we got on our rough cut was pretty positive overall but there are still some major issues we need to tackle.

  • Clean up the audio (EQ & level everything, add room tone to make abrupt audio cuts less jarring.)
  • Jerry and Mike noted that what we have now is basically only the body of the film; we need to work on a strong intro. and conclusion.
  • The film lacks enough emotional intimacy with Katie; we need to see more of Katie and Jenny interacting, we need to move around “inside Katie and Jenny’s world”
  • All archival photos should conform to 16×9 aspect ratio, fill screen, use Ken Burns effect
  • Start with “Jenny’s relationship w/ Katie”
  • Use voice-over narration, more candid interview clips to give the feel more of Katie’s POV
  • Visuals need to more strongly support audio clips; we need more “behavior” shots of Jenny and Katie, separately and together
  • Katie needs to discuss her childhood, both in terms of Jenny’s disability and in terms of her depression.
  • Ideas: Shots of Katie at Ex’pression, shots of Katie’s personal effects, Jenny’s personal effects (posters on the wall, collages she’s made)
  • TOO STATIC: We need more motion (hand-held camera, follow Katie around, Katie and Jenny moving around the frame)
  • Find and add appropriate music and sound effects to support the story