Inciting Incident

Jennifer Atkinson was born in January 1990. Her parents Jo and Steve knew right away something about Jenny wasn’t quite right, but it took several months before they received her diagnosis. Jenny’s Cerebral Palsy manifests itself in her inability to walk or talk, and her having to be fed via G-tube. Jenny is 24 years old now, and still living at home with Jo, Steve, and her big sister Katie, who is currently attending Ex’pression College.

Katie and Jenny are very close, and Katie wanted to share Jenny’s story. To Katie, Jenny is much more than her CP; she is one of the most fascinating, positive people she knows. Katie was diagnosed with clinical depression when she was 13, and her depression has manifested in multiple hospitalizations. If it weren’t for Jenny, Katie doesn’t know how she would’ve gotten past those hard times. Jenny’s powerful bond with Katie has allowed her sister to see herself as Jenny does: a loving, worthwhile big sister.