Voiceover script

So I didn’t wind up using this for my pitch piece, because I thought I had some interview quotes that worked more effectively.

It changes your life to be a big sister. I was about two and a half when my sister Jenny was born. It took about six months for the doctors to confirm that something was wrong. Jenny has spastic quadriplegia. She’s unable to walk or talk and she eats via a gastronomy tube. She communicates via basic hand gestures: palm curled in up and down for yes, side to side for no. Despite her limitations, Jenny’s taught me so much about appreciating life and not taking things for granted. If my project continues forward into LMW 2, I will be sharing the light she brings by taking viewers on a journey through a day in her life, from waking up early in the morning to catch her AC/transit bus to scrap booking pictures of her many celebrity boyfriends with her nurse.