About The Project

Core Concept

This project revolves around the gaming community who congregate to “Game Nights” hosted by Showdown eSports. The project hopes to highlight the Game nights held at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco as a key place in leading the public gaming scene in the Bay Area.


The project revolves around gamers from all walks of life–from casual gamers to professional gamers who are regulars to The Foundry–as they create a significant gaming scene in the Bay Area.

The project would like to seek insight and input on key figures in this specific gaming scene such as:

Showdown eSports who hosts and organize the gaming events at The Foundry titled “Game Nights”.

The project also plans on gaining numerous interviews and first hand accounts from attending gamers at the events, perhaps ranging from regular attendees or even professional gamers to casual first time visitors.


The project will exclusively revolve around The Folsom Street Foundry, 1425 Folsom Street San Francisco. The documentary will only be at The Foundry because the events are hosted here and there is definitely a great variety in the events as specific game tournaments occur and rotate between different games.


The project will document a community, and dissect and showcase the event organizers, and key players that make up the Bay Area gaming scene. I will also include a good amount of every-day patrons to these events as well.



From my understanding these Game Nights are fairly recent to The Foundry and has seen great success in growth and support. I would like to focus on the early days and construction of the events taking the project from the backstory and history to the present, where these game nights are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6pm to 12am.



The key audience would be anybody who likes video gaming scene, however I believe anybody interested in the lively, easygoing and fun environment the events give off would enjoy the documentary.



Though I consider myself a bit familiar with the location and have attended these events a couple of times before, I and those accompanying me will approach this event as a newcomer. I plan to act as a guide to the events as a means to help audiences get a greater grasp to what exactly goes on during these events from the ground up so that even people completely unfamiliar with this kind of gaming scene will understand it by the time the video is over.



I have a personal interest in this subject, and as a gamer myself was still completely surprised to find such a strong community in my very own area; and like when I first discovered The Foundry I felt that an audience would be interested in discovering a gaming scene so close to home and how big and significant of a community it is.


I want to tell the story of a growing community of gamers and the gaming scene coming into the Bay Area, reflecting the explosion of video games, a form of entertainment, industry, and art as a whole.

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