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My name is Gerson Asuncion Jr (or “JR” as my nickname). I graduated in 2014 from San Francisco State University with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I am currently an Animation and Visual Effects student at Ex’pression College to further my education and to start my path towards a career in the animation industry.

My passion and the pursuit of mastery of the visual arts definitely drives me creatively as well as my hopes in working with others to create and tell stories through the visual arts as a living.

What inspires and influence me vary from day to day exposure of media created by other artists of many styles or genres–whether its a movie I watched or  a small vlog update on a personal comic book project on YouTube. Those who come to mind as some of my greatest inspirations are: Studio Ghibli movies (Spirited Away is my favorite of theirs) and Pixar movies (Ratatouille is my favorite works of theirs).

Today I create a number of art pieces– they generally consist personal pieces and school projects–which I will update on this blog. I make original character sketches, scripts and storyboards for my personal comic projects. I have a handful of paintings done in both acrylic (as you can see one bellow!) and oil mediums; and just recently I started traditional animation tests.



As creator of the project I work together with my other group members as the head director of the project.


– JR


Robert- My name is Robert Tillman and my program is Game Art & Design. I understand the project fully. We are to travel to The Foundry in SF to conduct research on an event called “Game Nights”.  We will interview people that come to this event on a regular basis, new comers, and staff. I want to help create a film about this topic because it’s about something I love to do in life and it be very exciting.


  • 23 years old
  • From San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Studied at Cuesta College – Music Theory and Audio Engineering

What brought me to Ex’pression College was my passion for music and the sound arts. I want to make my passions into a successful career and Ex’pression stood out as the primary choice.

My creativity is driven by my love for the new media industry and technologies that continue to be developed in our ever changing world.

In ten years, as of right now, I would love to be a part of a sound design team for a game company and compose musical soundtracks.

I would say my biggest influences are within the world around me and all the music I listen to and create. I also love to see artwork around the bay area which inspires me to create new work as well.

As for my personal creations, I mostly compose music but on occasion do some artwork on the side.

Christopher is a freelance graphic designer, motionographer ,web designer,  and photographer with satisfied clients worldwide.  hokoto has been following a dream of being a designer after an amazing  career in the U.S. Coast Guard, he is free to be to unbind his Creative.

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