Story Structure

  • What’s the narrative spine of your piece?

As a team, we will highlight “Game Nights”, a special event organized by a group known as Showdown eSports. At this event, we are interested in interviewing people that come to Game Nights, and what it is that drives them to go. As gamers we can always stay home and game in our own space and comfortable, or game with our friends over the net. Here at Game Nights, it brings back the traditional couch play; being able to game with people that are physically there so you can engage in social activity. We want to interview people that go there regularly, people that are first timers, others who are just now adjusting to it, and rivalries of any time. We want to examine the gamers that show up and what draws them to the event, and also what do they think about how gaming has changed as a whole.

  • What are your main characters? What are your plans for getting footage besides boring talking head shots?

Gaming has a culture of its own. Our main characters are the people who work there and the people that come and go, whether if it’s a everyday thing or if they’re new. We want to gain footage of not only interviews, but also of how gamers interact in a social space that isn’t online. Stereotypes are gamers don’t like to come out, they like to lock themselves up in a room and cut off the outside world. This project will lay that stereotype to rest, and prove that being socially active is part of what it means to be a gamer.

  • How is conflict driving your story?

The conflict driving our story would be a stand alone gamer who spends most of their time at home gaming alone without any friends. Most co-op gaming is done online now but if you have no internet access, you would be all by yourself.

  • What kind of change do you wish to unfold within your piece?

A change we would like to unfold will be to bring back that old spirit of gaming next to your friends instead of over the internet. Today that social link has been cut because of online gaming and hopefully by coming to game nights and interacting with people, that will spark that old idea.

  • What’s the inciting incident and point of entry in your story?

The inciting incident would be that person who is a newcomer to Game Nights. Being able to interact with people in person while playing video games.

  • What issues do you foresee making your piece visually strong?

The main issues we would probably face will be finding time to interview and speak with some of the staff.