Project Proposal

Title – Game Nights

Collaborators – Mecha Lion Studios members are: JR Asuncion, Robert Tillman, Ben Huston, and Christopher Ryles.

Overview – The project documents a select number of people who come to gaming events called Game Night held at the SF Foundry.

Intended Audience – The intended audience will range from anyone 21 and up, and who enjoys or is interested in video gaming, board games, and/or simply enjoys having a good time in a lively, loud, and fun environment.

Objective of the Film – The objective of the film is to gain insight as to why people congregate to Game Night and their impressions at the event as the film explores the event to be a leading gaming scene for all kinds of gamers alike in the Bay Area.

Soundtrack – Sounds in the film will include: On location sounds –  ambient noise from the bar, people in conversation, people playing games etc. We will get audio from our various interviews and narration. We will also have lively, video game related music to accompany the gaming scene for our project as well as cool sound effects here and there.

Treatment – The project will carefully craft shots that will make you feel like you’ve been at Game Nights (though of course it will not be as good as being there in person!) using point of view kind of shots from GoPros and the like. There’s a lot going on during Game Nights so we’ll shoot everything thats going on from people playing games, having some beers, playing board games, or just hanging out!

Of course this project being all about the social aspects of gaming that congregate to Game Nights, the film will include close ups of peoples reactions: from big smiles to salty tears when someone gets whooped in Street Fighter. It is going to be all about the gamers at Game Night and we’ll be sure to catch it all.

Those we will interview will get the spotlight. We will set up great interview spots with a view of everything going on in the background. We will also shoot our interviewees in the action too as they too play games and interact with other gamers.

One thought on “Project Proposal

  1. Nice job. If you get the shots you listed that alone will help. The missing thing here is any kind of story element you may want to build your piece around (like Mike’s suggestion to focus on a rivalry, etc.).

    Please make a page for this, like About Us, etc.

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