Project Teaser Storyboard

Here’s a quick sketched out storyboard for what will eventually become a 1-2 minute teaser trailer of the project!



Here is a further breakdown of the storyboard:

The top row shows the entrance of the Foundry where the Game Nights are held, and edited along side the sign would be the title card and information for the Game Night etc.

The top row from left to right then illustrates the continuous panning from the sign moving into the Foundry itself and a big master shot of the location.

The second row shows various B-roll in quick segments such as close-ups of people holding game controllers and people focusing on gaming or socializing etc.

Then there is an intent of the audio of the B-roll moving into audio of the interviewee. The interviewee is then seen in frame for the few questions they answer and any other input.

The audio then L-Cuts into shots of the interviewee enjoying him/herself at the foundry, perhaps doing an activity they just described in the interview.

On the last and bottom row, as the interview audio ends there are master shots of the Foundry that then fades to black, ending the video.