The Project’s Core Concept — Voiced Over!

Strait from the horse’s mouth, JR does a voice over explaining the core concept of the project!

This voice over mimics the presentation held in class as I first revealed the project concepts in class.



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Voice over transcript:

“Hello, this is JR, concept creator of this project.

The core concept of my project revolves around the gaming community who congregate to “Game Nights” hosted at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco.

The purpose of the project is to highlight these events and show off what it has to offer and portray these Game Nights as a leader in the public gaming scene in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now a little bit more about the Game Nights…

The Game Nights are organized by a group called Showdown eSports and hosts these events just about every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6PM though 12 Midnight at the Foundry located at 1425 Folsom Street, San Francisco.

After paying a $5 cover to get into the event, you’re free to play the extensive collection of fighting, competitive, and multiplayer video games they have to offer. There is also a great collection of card and board games to play–and there are even beer pong set ups!

Speaking of beer, there is a bar located within the venue serving drinks and food.

There’s just about everything here for a gamer to go out and have fun, and to try and capture the event, the narrative built alongside the project hopes to follow different perspectives of people who may experience the event.

The project would like to capture three perspectives:

The first being a host or organizer of Game Nights in order to get some inside look on what goes on with setting up these events.

The second would be someone who is a regular to these events, or perhaps on the spot interviewing multiple regulars in order to gain deeper insight and perhaps interesting stories from attending these game nights.

And finally I would like to follow a newcomer as a type of control to the whole experience, and to try and capture a first time reaction to attending the game nights which would also help guide the audience in discovering what the Foundry Game Night has to offer.

… And there you have it!

In all I feel like this project would be fun to work on. There are a ton of things to capture at the Foundry, and highlighting these public gaming events would shed light on a different aspect of the gaming culture many people might not know about!

Thanks for listening.”

– JR