Interview Questions

1.) Do you know what global warming is? If so can you share your knowledge about it?

2.) How do you feel about it? Do you feel inclined to do something about it?

3.) What are you doing to be a part of the solution?

4.) Do you think you should be doing more on your part to help?

5.) How do you feel about the way the government and how they treat this issue? Do you think they are doing all they can or do you think they can do more?

6.) What are some suggestions that you would give to the world to change?

7.) Have you ever tried to change the mind of your friends and family about this topic? Why or Why not?

8.) Do you believe that you need to live in the country side in order to care about the earth more?

9.) Do you think we should add more space for the trees and plants in cities of America?

10.) Do you think that there is enough money funding the help on this issue? Do you think there needs to be more or less?

What is Global Warming


How can you solve a problem if you don't know what it is exactly? For those who don't know what global warming is check out this link and get a perfect definition of the problem. 

The Poem That Inspired My Concept

This poem is the reason why I decided to do my concept about the earth. It is a topic that has been dragged on for way to long and nothing is getting better. The reality is that the problem is not getting any better it's getting a whole lot worse and something must be done.