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In the late nineteenth century, it was not only inventors who looked into the future and saw a marveleous new age created by machines. In 1888 the writer and social reformer Edward Bellamy published Lookng Backward, 2000-1887, a view of a future society, " so simple and logical" in which many of the burdens of industrial America had been lifted. One of the features of this utopia was that the finest music wasa piped into homes by telephone wires from special studios where professioal musicians played around the clock. Millard, Andre. America on Record. 2005. New York City

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  1. Jerry Smith August 14, 2016 1:10 pm 

    I appreciate that you at least put the effort in to including some "research". I am having a difficult time understanding what it has to do with your project. Can you tell us, in this post? Or try again, and make it more relevant to something project related you want to talk about, or care about?

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