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CORE CONCEPT  Certain music has changed over the past 20 years reffering to the sound, look and style. Some have enhanced this change and some havent. Some rappers have evolve into futuristic characters that go off of putting weird signs into their music. Some of this music i enjoy and some of it is just like what the hell is he/she talking about.

ACCESS  The access I have is my expierence as a listener and I know a current passionate music producer.


STORY The way today's people obtain their music is rather easier than opposed to back then you had to travel in order to purchase a record. With that being easier, it is also easy to get music for free which can cause an artist to lose money or changed the way they make money.  Hip Hop and R&B has changed dramatically with the sound, style and look. Some music moguls takes part in this because their the ones who give new artists with different stlyle and sound opportunity to be heard. 


Birdman, founder/co-founder of Cash Money Records,Young Thug of Cash Money Records. These two peple are examples of the topic of my project. Birdman has expierinced losing money because of how easy it is to stream his or some of his artists music. Young Thug is a prime example of how Hip Hop and R&B has changed over the years. They are both acknowledge at what they do by alot of people but also are not accepted by some people.


Atlanta, GA


My project is defenitely a cutural phenomenom because their are artists that try and portray young thug which has resulted in being a cool sound and look for music. Purchasing, streaming and downloading music online is definetly a cultural phenonmenom. It is uncommon to see a record store these days because there's no need to travel there. 

WHEN My topic is about these certain things evolvoving over time. 

Does your topic have a history? Current event? An event you wish to attend? Tell us about it and why it is important. How does time play a role in your topic?

Time is an important story element as well. Is there a period of time important to your topic/main character? A period of transition or change? How do you think of past/present/future in relation to possible story elements?

AUDIENCE I am presenting to anyone in the music industry that has als recognzied these changes over time.


HOW I am going to be informing about the history of my topics so my audience can  see the changes that has occured. I am playing the role of an observer but also informed on what's going on.


WHY I am interested in this because in my opinion, it is important to know how and why these events and changes happened in the music industry. Also I love music.



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  1. Jerry Smith August 14, 2016 1:19 pm 

    This idea has potential, your peers like it, you now need to find a local element to make the project really happen.

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