TITLE Taking The Shot


Our team is called Berkcisco with Jerome Oliviano, Ramon Alvarado, Mustafa Zahid and Yoseph McClenton.


Our documentary explores the risks Clayton takes as a street photographer to capture moments through photos. 


15-30 year old people who are interested in art. 


I want people to have a different perspective on how they see photos and think more about how the photo was taken. Because there's more that goes on then just pushing a button on a camera to street photography.


We're going to include noises of the streets like the cars, people, birds, etc. that Clayton hears as he's roaming around the city looking for a picture. There will also be voice overs and interview audio. We'll also add mellow hip hop beats to go with the mood of the story.

TREATMENT (1 to 3 pages, single spaced)

It's a hot summer day in San Francisco. Clayton is venturing up a building he knows that has a promising view up the top. Adrenaline is rushing through his veins knowing that he's taking a risk if an alarm goes off and the security comes and catches him. As he's making his way up the building he finds a door leading to the rooftop. To his surprise no alarm goes off but as the brightness of the outside shines on him and the gust of fresh air rushes to him all fear is set aside. You immediately hear the noisy streets with the cars passing by below and people walking around the city. It's a beautiful view of the city from the roof. Something not even a camera can capture. You realize how nice it is to reach your full creativity potential by being somewhere so isolated yet being in the middle of such a busy and loud area. Clayton pulls out his camera and sets up his tripod and starts to take still photos. He tells us this is where he usually would take some models for a photoshoot. 


We're going to show the world of street photography in the perspective of the photographers as best as possible.