About The Project


This project is about a photographer, Clayton Aguirre, and what risks him and his friends will go through to get the perfect picture they want by trespassing into places that will get them in trouble if caught. 


The photographers are my close friends and also my best friend Clayton who all live near me. I see them every week. 


I think my story will emerge from the photographer's intentions behind their artwork that not a lot of people are aware of and what exciting opportunities come with it when you put yourself out there and show people ur talents. My friends have interesting reasons behind why they do what they do with their art.


Clayton Aguirre is an amatuer photographer that's been doing it for at least a couple of years. He's the main character which the whole story is wrapped around. There's also Joey Tou and John Viray.


The rooftops of Hotels in San Francisco.(We don't have the authority to go to most of these areas)


This shows the perspective of photographers that not a lot of people are aware about. People just see the beauitful picture captured but not the adrenaline rush or risk taking by just getting on top of that roof top. There's also a sense of spontaneity when doing street photography that makes it that much more memorable than other types of photography.


Flask Mob events are located in SF as a meeting for creative individuals, usually photographers, which would help add to the movement of this documentary and show that there's a lot of photographers doing the same thing. I'm also going to be going on adventures with them around the city and sneaking on rooftops to document what they go through as photographers. 


My audience is for art lovers and creative minds that are curious about what goes on in a photographers head. For people that are similar to street photographers who want to capture beauty in the oddest places and be spontaneous.


I wish to do a POV type of style of sneaking onto rooftop buildings in the city.


I'm interested into art and the science of art and all of the things that go behind the scenes like what's going on in their mind and what did it take for them to get the vision they wanted. This has to be made because there's other documentaries of street art ("Exit Through the Gift Shop") where it shows what they had to go through and it was very popular and interesting.