About us


I'm Jerome Oliviano, a nineteen-year old student at Ex'pression college for Animation and Visual Effects. I live near San Francisco but was born thirty miles up in Vallejo. I come from a filipino family household, but only speak english. I live with my parents right now and work part time at Chipotle. I enjoy filming videos on my Sony camera as a hobby and I've been drawing cartoon characters for as long as I could remember. I've always aspired to work for Pixar one day to be a part of something bigger than myself and to create stories for people that will be remembered forever.Oliviano_Jerome.ai



My name is Ramon Alvarado. I am currently at ex'pression to persue my dream job as an audio engineer. Sound has always fascinated me. There are so many ways to manipulate sounds and the process is truley fascinating. I have been producing music for about 3 years now and over the time I have learned how to make my music stand out and be unique. I tend to use a lot of sounds and samples that people would not normaly use. 10 years from now I would like to own a studio with multiple suites. But most important I hope that I look back and think "Im so happy with the career I chose". My biggest influences is are J Dilla. J Dilla is a hip hop producer and he has definitly changed the way I listen to music. The way that he manipulates and flips samples is mind blowing! His style has definitly influenced my sound. I am a music producer myself I have been producing music for about 3 years. I have worked with a lot of local artist and also putting out instrumental tapes of my work. I am a sample based producer which means that I take old songs and manipulate them to make my own sound. My production has a 90's hip hop vibe. I am interested because I like how Clayton combined fashion with his style of photography. I am taking care of all the sound for the documentary.


My name is Mustafa Zahid. I am a student at Expression College studying animation and digital Art. My passion is art. I spent the majority of my younger years draws and making comics. I also played a lot of video games and watched a lot of movies. I like anything that can make me think and use my creative side. I love building things and making things, anywhere from cabinets to art pieces.  I have been writing stories since childhood. I get inspiration from everything around me. I would like to be making my own movies and animated films. My biggest influence growing up was video games and the ability to play out fantasy worlds. I'm an artist and I love creating art in any format. I am in charge of the graphics portion of the documentary. 


My name is Yoseph McClenton. I came to Ex'pression College because I have a passion for music and I want to learn how to produce music as well. In ten years from now I would like to be producinig multiple artist albums. My biggest influences are my family, friends, and past experiences i've learned from. I create music.