Another Street Photographer, Me

IMG_0039Me trying to figure out what I'm doing with my camera one night shooting with my friend Joey. Slightly clueless.

Recently I had bought a Sony A6000, mainly for vlogging and for making random videos to edit on Final Cut Pro X for fun. I went out one early morning and played around with the settings trying to figure out what a F-Stop is. I gave up and went on youtube and watched a helpful tutorial on my specific camera and learned a few tricks. I don't usually take my camera out for pictures because that's not my main focus with it, but it was a great invenstment anyways. I had a great time editing videos in my Media Sound and Visual class which led me to editing a couple vlogs I made on my youtube page. Hope you enjoy the little vlog I made. 

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  1. Richard Vu says:

    You aren't doing too bad yourself.

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