Sep 04

Level 1: It Starts Here


Level One: It Starts Here Trailer

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Aug 02

Approach to this project

We will go about this project using humor and informative speaking. We want people to understand the enjoyment with playing retro games. We want older gamers to remember their childhood and the newer generation of gamers to know how what they love started out.

Retro games hold sentimental value to those who played through them as a child.

Aug 02



Title: Level1: It Starts Here



Dusty Cartridge John Herrera, Sergio Mendoza, Thomas Wilkerson, and Adrian Carandang


This documentary is about the retro gaming community and reminding gamers the roots of videogames.

Intended Audience 

Gamers and new generation gamers.

Objective Of Film

To remind people about the importance of the roots of videogames and tell them how much fun they still are.


8-bit videogame soundtrack


The video will start out with a few people talking about what they remember from their childhood and what games they played. A few random facts about retro games will be thrown on screen. It will also be about kids who started out playing videogames in this generation. We will interview customers of the retro store and museum and get their input about retro games.


The style for the documentary will be humorous, informative, a bit of educational, reminiscent, and fun. Bright and awesome.


Jul 09

LMW1 Final Presentation Video

Jul 09

LMW1 Final presentation interview


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Jun 19

The story board of my life! JK, Retro documentary



Jun 19

Interview with the retro pros

I will be interviewing the owner of a retro game store located in Hayward, the owner of a video game museum and his partner. The following questions will be:

1) What are your views on retro video games?

2) How do you think video games get put into the “retro” category?

3) What is your favorite retro video game and console?

4) How did you get interested in video games or retro games?

5) Do you prefer retro games over the current consoles or the NextGen consoles?

6) Do you ever think that the current consoles will ever be put into the “retro” category and if so, how long do you think that will be?

7) Can you give a brief description on your own personal gaming collection?

8) What was the first game you can remember getting?

9) Tell me about your store/museum.

10) How would the world be somehow video games were created in this generation and there were no such things as retro games?

11) How would the world be without video games at all?

Jun 17

Ex’Radio Intro


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Hey everyone! Here is my intro version for Ex’Radio. I recorded myself for Ex’Radio and my background music is the theme music for the video game character Vergil from Devil May Cry.

Jun 11

4th Gen Is Here!



The era of fouth generation game consoles, also known as the 16-bit era. A very lively era in gaming, introducing systems whose games are still popular today, like Nintendo’s Super Famicom (Super NES in America). Another noteworthy system is the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis in America), which introduced Sega’s popular mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. This era saw great improvements in graphics, sound, and color, making it no surprised that it lasted over a decade.

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