The Approach

Melissa Gainer:

We will be focusing the narrative spine of our documentary, “Through the Eye”, on finding common threads, friendship, through Art, Street Photography.
The two main characters of our documentary are Daniel Atangan and Jose Ravelo. Along side interview shots, we plan on following them on one or two of their adventures to get footage of them taking pictures. We feel that this will bring to light their process, and how they developed their perspectives.
The main conflict of our film addresses how street photography perspectives differ from other genres of photography.
Change will be present in the evolution these photographers have made from people with cameras, to street photographers. How their shared art has affected their friendship too.
The inciting incident that will set the movie into action will be

We really don’t think we will have a problem with making this piece visually strong. Our topic is focused around strong visuals and being able to tell a story using still frame photography. If anything, our issues are going to revolve around sound, and lights. Two things that are too abundant in the city.

Heather Freeze:

I would like to see a definition of Street Photography verses Traditional Compositional Photography. I am looking forward and onward to seeing more of these two, their Art, the risks they may take…trespass… how this hobby or pastime has changed either of their life paths. How their friendship has evolved because or in spite of this “friendly” competition.