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Hello, I’m James Frankera.  I’m a sound arts student at Ex’pression College and I came up with the idea of the short documentary “Through the Eye.”  I have always been interested in all types of Art, but the main ones I was really interested in would be music and photography.



Hi, My name is Melissa! I am 22 years young and I am currently majoring as a Game Artist and Designer. I am incredibly excited to be working on “Through the Eye” because I have always had a deep passion and interest in photography as it has always been a creative release for me. I love the way photography brings people together by starting important conversations. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe a photograph is only as good as the quality of the conversation it starts. I look forward to the conversations we will inevitably start through the beautifully complex world of photography.



Hello, Heather Freeze here. “Through The Eye” is a very inspiring topic for me as I am a life long Artist both professionally and personally. Sight Art is always of interest, and Street Art/Photography is for me so exciting!! Whether it be traditional scapes or…breaking the LAW for Trespass Art…I LOVE the perspectives.


Hello, my name is Matt Wyler and I’m an Animation and Visual Effects student at Ex’pression College. I came to college with one goal in mind, I wanted to do something creative and have fun for a living. Growing up, I loved music, films, TV, video games, anime, and basically just seeing cool things done by cool people. But aside from that, I’ve also had a passion for photography. Even after spending years behind a camera, it’s still interesting to see the world behind a lens, and that’s what brought me to “Through the Eye”. Getting to work on a project with my friends and getting to once again see the world through such a unique perspective and to work with professional photographers really drew me to the project.



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