Rough Cut Notes (Updated 10.22)

Through The Eye: PHOCUS

Rough Cut Critique:


Love the photography and result. The pics.

Improvement possibilities:

Music lower, dialogue UP!!

Up the anti…dig into the process. Why is this interesting?

Discover their paths; connection to Jose and Danny.

More interview, photos, and less music. DIALOGUE IS THE THING!!!!!

Where is the risk?

Final Critique: 


Denaj really felt like photographer watching the video. 

Jasmine was surprised to know that people can steal a style of a photography. 

She learns more about it every time she watches it

Sam senses more of a story 

Needed Improvements:

cut out all interview material. 

Paul: transitions are jarring, 

Fix music and sound.

One response to “Rough Cut Notes (Updated 10.22)

  1. Your critique was a very good discussion. I wish the specifics of the discussion could actually be reflected in these notes.