The Process of getting prepared

So, we’re talking about Preparation:

Get the Footage…Jerry is BIG on this. :))

A-Roll: The Interviews and Action.

FILMING WEDNESDAY!! Sept. 23rd, 2015 at 5pm, meeting at school.

1. KEEP THE CAMERA STILL, LIGHTING, let the subject speak, DO NOT INTERJECT, let them finish.


3. Need to get the ten questions:

Name, age, where you from?

Friendship??? Acquaintances???

What is Street Photography to you?

Why did you choose Photography over any other form of Art to express yourself?

Who are your influences? Are you inspired by Jose/Danny??

How do you compose your pieces, do you go out to shoot with a specific idea in mind, or is it inspired in the moment?

How did you get started, was there an experience or event that inspired you to photograph your world?

How have you evolved?

Is this a passion?

Where would you like to go with your art?

What kind of risks do you guys face when you go out to photograph around the city? 

Have you ever been injured or detained, threatened? 

How much risk are you willing to take to get “the shot”?

Do you want to inspire, provoke, make a statement to others, or is this a “selfish art”?

What advice would you offer to anyone just starting out?

In your opinion, how much editing can you do to a photograph before the art lies within the editing and not the original picture?

Is photo editing your goal, or the Photograph itself what you intend to offer?


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  1. Create a sub-folder…
    Phocus P2 Back-up into which the CONTENTS folder of our camera and audio equipment will be placed.