Project Proposal

TITLE Skate and Inspire or Skate Therapy


Team: Sk8er Boyz

Jakob Michon

Seth Jackson

Roger Andrews

Laurent Loy


Stories about the therapeutic effect of skateboarding.


Everybody: People who love skateboarding, those who hate it and those searching for inspiration.


We want to tell stories with meaningful messages about how one can overcome their issues through skateboarding. We hope to inspire people, not necessarily to start skateboarding but to become passionate about something positive and what that can do for their life.


We plan on using music to really enhance all the emotions our film will dabble in. We hope to select a wide variety of different sounds to exaggerate all the ups and downs our story has. Also we will be using all original music produced by three of our talented sound students

TREATMENT Our film is going to tell a few inspiring stories about how skateboarding helped a few individuals overcome some of life’s many hurdles. We’re going to be discussing difficult subjects like addiction and depression. By interviewing a few skateboarders that have struggled with things like this we hope to convey how positive skateboarding can be in somebody’s life.

The movie will open up with some nice shots of our main subject pushing through a city, while his voice in the background talks about what he feels when he’s on a skateboard. Then things will shift to an interview with the subject where introduces himself and gives a summary of some of his past struggles. He will also talk about how skating helped him through it. After this we will show some of his skating tricks to convey how he has risen from such lows to such highs.

Next we will transition to some interviews of a few other skaters who will briefly share where they think they’d be without skating. We will be asking question about how skateboarding affects confidence and what if feels like to belong to the skateboarding community. We will discuss what it means to have any kind of positive influence in somebody’s life, not just skateboarding. While some of the subjects responses we will display some more visually striking and dangerous tricks. Also discuss with a skater of a different generation and what it meant for him as a kid and what it means for him now.

After our film will switch back over to our main subject who will talk about where he is now and how we will always be vulnerable to the struggles of his past. But, how he plans to continue skating and generate happiness through positive outlets like that. He will talk about how skateboarding is a form of therapy. The film will end with some of the heavier tricks we film with some crazy epic music behind it. Then the music will quiet and our main subject will say one final sentence to really wrap it up for our audience.



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