About the Project

Idea Proposal

For my project I am very interested in diving deeper into the relationship between skateboarding and art. Having been a skateboarder for the majority of my life, I have seen the level of inspiration people draw from skateboarding. Skateboarding is not like most sports because there are no rules that have to be followed. With skating’s growing popularity the boundaries of the sport are being pushed further and further past what anybody could have imagined just a few years ago. However I doubt we’ll ever reach the end of skateboarding development. There are so many different ways to approach the sport. For example street, vert, and freestyle are just some of the more generalized styles of skating. New tricks pretty much get invented daily, and there is an absurd number of names for all of them, which not even most skaters can remember entirely. The skateboarding community is one that continues to push itself forward infinitely. And with the level of passion that people take away from skateboarding it tends to have carryover effect on other parts of their life. The culture surrounding skateboarding is extremely vibrant. Starting with clothing, Skateboarders have always wanted to dress in a way that would distinguish them from the rest of society. When it first started early skateboarders were seen as rebellious and reckless and they actually embraced it. Skaters dress in ways that highlight that skateboarding is important to them. Fashion in skateboarding has really developed over the years. Unfortunately skate fashion is starting to get picked up by the main stream, but there is never any doubt skaters are the one’s creating it. Skating has changed a lot of people’s perspective on architecture. Skaters who skate the streets see ordinary objects as personal playgrounds. This is just one of the many ways that skaters see things differently. Street culture has always had a big influence on skateboarding. For many skateboarding is not the only way for skaters to express themselves. I believe that the creativity that skateboarding inspires, can inspire creativity elsewhere. Skateboarding and music have a big relationship. Many skaters try to find the perfect songs to skate to or add to their videos that express how skateboarding makes them feel. Many skateboarders are actually musicians as well. The bottom of boards was the first canvas for skateboarders as graphic artists. There is something special about skating a graphic you feel strongly about. Art and skateboarding truly go hand in hand. I am looking forward to asking skateboarders where the inspirations come from. My main goal of this project is to bring to light how great of a thing skateboarding is.

by Jakob Michon

Illustrated by Jakob Michon

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