About us

Jakob Michon

My name is Jakob Michon. I have always only ever seen myself doing something artistically for a career. Attending Expression College seemed like a great way to follow that dream. I’ve been drawing all my life and I’ve gotten pretty good. I’ve only just recently started to try creating digital media. It has been fun and I’m still getting the hang of it, and there is so much more I need to learn. A lot of things drive me creatively, but what truly inspires me is other artists work. Seeing how talented other artists are these days make me hungry for improvement. Banksy is probably my biggest influence due to his ability to mix great composition with truly important messages. I would love to just create work like him, but to make a living being versatile doesn’t hurt and I’m hoping to learn ALOT here at Expression. In ten years I hope to be making a decent living but more importantly doing what I love.

Illustrated by Jakob Michon

Seth Jackson

My name is Seth Jackson and I am a Sound Arts Major at Expression College. I am a life long
music lover and have been a musician since I was eleven years old starting off playing drums in the middle school marching band. As I made to high school I began to broaden my horizons and began to have get a taste of everything. You name it I did it; jazz band, marching band, drumline, improv team, multiple choirs, and more. All of that and I was a die hard house dancer to boot.  It is safe say that I love to perform and entertain.  So of course I am also a man who loves style. In the evironment I came up in I was always surrounded by all kinds of people with lots of different styles. I love unique style. Styles of art, clothes, speaking, performing, and decor. It is always has facinated with how people acquire their styles and how they go about assembling their styles. It is this very deep-rooted interest that inspired me to begin this project.


Roger Andrews

My name is Roger Paris Andrews II. I Was born in Sacramento, CA, on June 19, 1991. I grew up and graduated high school in  a small town known as Tulare, Ca. I have a 4 year old daughter named Kylah, and she is my inspiration and motivation in all ways. I plan to graduate in September of 2017, with a Bachelors degree in the Interactive Audio program of Expressions College. I enjoy making beats, rapping, singing, and dancing. I also love bully pit bulls and plan to one day have a kennel of my own.IMG_20150419_113424

Laurent Loy

Why hallo there! My name is Laurent, but I also go by “YaBoyDaBoy Pretty Bish Renzo 1hunna, What’s Hannin” (or Renzo for short).  I’m probably 19 years old and am currently a Sound Arts major!  My goal in life is to be the greatest DJ/producer the world has ever known.  I fancy every type of music out there, but mainly have an insane amount of love for… dance music! (or EDM as the kids call it nowadays).  However, Hip-Hop will always have a special place in my heart because of the days I used to wear oversized clothing and do bad things.   Looking at me now, you wouldn’t think that because instead of looking terrifying, I now look like your neighborhood informant.  My hobbies include eating, sleeping, raving, and repeating because those things are cool.  Also, I don’t judge; I am willing to make friends with anyone ranging from nerds to ex-convicts.  Overall, I’m a chill, weird, obnoxious, special little guy, and you should definitely see what this magical little world known as Renzopia has to offer!


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