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Welcome to My Life as a Diabetic! Our goal is to take you into the life of a diabetic and our main focus will be Andrew VanMeter. Monique and I  (Jennifer) both are in the same Animation program at Ex’pression College. We found a common interest in this project of My Life as a Diabetic.







11108193_1112066075476668_5756672380005377502_nHello My name is Jennifer VanMeter and I am the founder of My Life as a Diabetic. I am currently attending Expression college because I want to get my degree in Animation. You might be asking why did I chose Animation? I chose animation because my drive to create comes from the people or the world around me. I want to take what I see and make animation films of it. My dream is to become a creator of Animation Films and I hope ten years from now, I will be working with one of the many Animation companies. My biggest influences are my friends and Family because of the love,stories and our fun adventures.

The reason I am interested in this project is one it’s about my husband and two because I thought his story was very inspiring. This project can help people realize how serious Type 1 diabetes is.


Hi, I’m Monique a 23 years old from Modesto CA, currently attending Ex’pression College to pursue my dream in becoming an animator. Ten years from now I would love to be working in the field I attended school for. Whether I have a great paying job or not does not matter to me as long as I’m doing the thing I love. Being happy and enjoying life is what drives my creativity and if I can help others in the process then that’s even better. My biggest influences come from my life experiences that help me a lot to determine my next step and who to surround myself with. Although I am attending school for animation, I have 6 years experience as a video editor but my favorite thing to do is to create illustrations and characters.

What drew me to this project was the sincerity of wanting to show the day to day challenges a person with diabetes has. I personally do not have diabetes but In my family currently five woman struggle with the disease and two others who’ve struggle with it have passed on from kidney failure and heart disease. So for me this topic is a bit sensitive and a serious matter that I am sure others can relate too.


Hello, my name is Jordan Vaelei! I was born and raised in the east bay and I am 21 years old. I am currently in my fourth term at Expression College studying Sound Arts which is located in the heart of Emeryville, CA. My whole life music has been my passion and that’s why I am here today pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. I first started writing my own fictional stories in the third grade, which then led to poetry. A few years later I transitioned into middle school where my poetry steered me into song writing. However, I never took my passion serious until a few years ago. On my down time I enjoy hanging out with my mother who raised me and my younger sister. I also enjoy traveling, and attending open mic events with my friends involved in music as well.

The reason I chose to be a part of this team was because I felt that it was a very inspiring story. I personally do not know much about diabetes at all so I wanted to learn about it and therefore educate myself on something new. Another reason why I chose this project was because I do have friends whose family members are in fact diabetic as well. Not only is it a struggle for their family members who are diabetic, but it can also effect my friends too. In that case, I thought that it would be a great experience to be involved in the project and actually get a feel of Andrew Vanmeter’s day to day life. 




My name is Anthony Rey Hernandez.  Those closest to me call me Tony.  I’m a musician&filmmaker currently enrolled at Expression College studying Sound Arts to pursue a career in media production.  My overall goal is to create.  Someday I plan to open up a media production company that encompasses a myriad of different services.  I want to create music for artists, television, and film.  I want to create commercials, cartoons and short films.  I want to create without limits.  I want to create without boundaries.  I want my products and services to be void from category. I want to create a genre that encompasses all other genres.  I want to create a product that transcends classification.  I dream of a day that people are not separated and classified by the things that they like.  I dream of a day where the things you like bring you closer to individuals of all kinds, and I hope my art can be a catalyst in that movement.Thanks for taking the time to read about our team.

My interests in this project stems from my personal experience with diabetes and how it has affected many of those close to me.  On both sets of grandparents I have are all afflicted by type 1 Diabetes and a close friend of mine growing up was diagnosed with the disease when we were in middle school.  I’ve experienced first hand the responsibilities and the hardships that come with having Diabetes and with this project I hope to raise awareness on the disease in hopes to educate those unfamiliar with Diabetes.



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