Project Proposal

Title – My Life as a Diabetic

Collaborators – Sketchy Projections

Overview – This documentary will follow Andrew Vanmeter and his daily struggles with type 1 diabetes.

Intended Audience – For all ages, targeted for people affected by Diabetes.

Objective of Film – We want to shine light on Andrew’s and what life is like for him on a day to day basis, and in the process hopefully educate our audience on a variety of useful information regarding the disease itself and what life is like living with Diabetes.

Soundtrack – A mix of mellow background music for cutscenes and transitions, captured natural sound, and dialogue.


As the movie begins you’ll see a picture fade in of a smiling baby boy. A woman’s voice softly begins to tell a story about the boy in the picture. You can presume the voice speaking over the picture is the boy’s mother thanks to intimate details shared in the story that would only be available from a mothers perspective. We find out the smiling boy in the picture is Andrew Van Meter, and the story the mother is telling is one pertaining to Andrews birth. We switch to number of different stills of Andrew as a child as his mothers voice intricately explains how he was born with Type 1 diabetes.

An introduction/title sequence would commence at this point where we envision different people diagnosed with the disease to introduce their diabetes and have the last face In the line up end with Andrew as an adult and the title My Life as a Diabetic would appear on the screen.

The film would fade into the backseat of a car where we’d following Andrew into his upcoming doctors appointment. We’d follow him through his doctors appointment and get perspectives from him on what is the purpose of his visit to the doctors, and to also get perspective from doctors to share information on what diabetes is and what specific type of diabetes Andrew is diagnosed with.

After the doctors appointment, we’d introduce bits of our interview footage of his mother and himself telling stories of him growing up with diabetes to begin to share with everyone just exactly what Andrews had to deal with his whole life. From the interviews we’ll switch between Andrew doing his normal routine. We will follow him grocery shopping, cooking, and out during his hobbies. His normal lifestyle will be a theme showcased to share his control over his disease

In respects to his diseases we plan to showcase the daily responsibilities Andrew has to upkeep due to his diabetes such as: checking his insulin pump, refilling his insulin pump, and monitoring his blood sugar.

We plan to provide statistical information on Diabetes and its shocking growth throughout the country in recent years. Our interviewees will share advice for those newly afflicted by the disease and we will take this time in the film to introduce how common diabetes is becoming and how we can prevent it.

Well switch the focus back to Andrew to highlight his work done with the JRFD organization that’s help children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Andrew has been affiliated with the organization since he was a child. We have several pictures we will display has he shares his experiences with the organization.

As the movie closes it will be during Andrew continuing his routine, maintaining his daily diabetic upkeep. It’ll end with an interview question explaining how his diabetes doesn’t control his life and that he’s a regular guy that just happens to have diabetes.

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