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Final critique

1. add music to interview
2. ending song to ends to abrupt
3. motorcycle scene to long fade out a little sooner.
4. using music as a transition (maybe)
5. interview a little static…ken burns effect a little to much?
6. little monsters not working at the moment
other notes to consider:
audio story…does the story itself make since.
add more b-roll.
add a little more happy ending.

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mid-term review notes

1. put more focus on him being type 1 vs. type 2
2. remove questions (slides)
3. motion graphics over used.
4. don’t need music underneath the whole film.
5. introduce him sooner (pictures maybe) 10 sec.

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Check List

LMW2Checklist Updated

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Our logo “Sketchy Productions” will open our film. Then we will cut to B Roll footage of Andrew and his day to day life, with voice over’s by himself and mother Coleen. We will also include classical music to help set the mood for the introduction and body. As Andrew Vanmeter introduces himself, the title of the film will be introduced as well.


Core Concept: Our film will follow Andrew Vanmeter and his life living with type 1 diabetes to raise awareness on the disease.

To help get our story across, we plan to use A Roll, B Roll, many still images, infographs, voice overs, music, and transition elements. This will help set the mood for our core concept and back up facts that we have researched. We have interviews with various people using tightly framed close ups and medium shots to capture emotion. Our music will set the pace and mood of our film. It will also help with the transition from sad to positive.


To summarize our film we plan to have Doctor Kim state statistics that will lead to a group of people saying that they are type 1 diabetic as well. This will help support what we have shown and help spread awareness to our audience. In addition our inspirational music will help our audience feel what our main character has gone through.



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The narrative spine of our film is built around 4 questions that drives the focus of our film:

1. Who is Andrew VanMeter?

2. What is Diabetes?

3. What is life like living with Diabetes?

4. How can we prevent Diabetes?

Our story will focus on one main character, Andrew VanMeter.  His story will be the driving force of the film and will be supported by a few supporting characters.  His tale will be supported by stories shared from his Wife and his Mother.  We also hope to get interviews with other diabetics and their experiences, and a physician to provide us with an expert’s opinion on the matter.

Andrew’s daily struggles with Diabetes is the conflict present in our film.

We hope that through our core questions we explore a disease that’s known about but not understood.  We hope that by sharing Andrew’s story we will raise awareness of Diabetes and spread information on how to prevent Diabetes in the future.

The inciting incident in our story took place when Andrew was diagnosed with diabetes as a child.  His lifelong struggle is the catalyst that moves our story forward.

Getting enough supporting characters and supporting footage proves to be our most difficult task.



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Core Concept

Our Core Concept is: Our Film Will follow Andrew VanMeter and his Life living with Type 1 Diabetes to raise awareness on the disease.

Inciting: Andrew was born a Diabetic.

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Title: “My life as a Diabetic”

Story: The film is about Andrews struggle with Diabetes and how he has turned it into something positive. We plan to interview Andrew and his Mom. We also are going to try to interview Andrews doctor.

Approach: We plan to use live shooting, time lapse, text screen, motion graphics, interviews.

Style interactive: Audience will hear us asking questions and describing some situations going on during hand held shots.

Obligatories: We want to tell you Andrews story by showing him correcting his blood sugar and testing his blood sugar. We also want to show statistics about diabetes.

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Story Board


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How many types of Diabete?

When I was looking this up, I thought I would only find 2. I thoug there was only type 1 and type 2 because that’s all you hear about. There are 12 different types of diabetes.

There is:

  • Gestatatiomal diabetes: which occurs during pregnancy and means high blood sugar.
  • Diabetes lada: which is like type 2 diabetes, but is lacking some of the symptoms of type 2.
  • Diabetes Mody: shares some symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but is genetic and runs in families. With most it doesn’t always need insulin.
  • Double Diabetes: Which is when someone with Type 1 diabetes developes insulin resistance, which is key part of type 2 diabetes.
  • Type 3 diabetes: which is a resistance to insulin caused by Alzheimer’s.
  • Steroid induced diabetes: I think the name explains this one.
  • Brittle Diabetes: is diabetes where the blood sugar is all over the place from high to low which is caused from stress and depression.
  • Secondary diabetes: is caused by another medical issue.
  • Diabetes mellitus: Has symptoms like type 1 and 2 , but is not related to blood sugar.
  • Juvenile Diabetes: this type of diabetes is focus on the young.
  • The last two type are type 1 and 2.

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Guide dogs for Diabetics

Andrew and I were driving around and he saw a blind man walking with his seeing eye dog. He then asked me if I knew what they did with the dogs that couldn’t pass being a seeing eye dog… I said “no.” He said “They actually re-train them to become a diabetic dog. ” He then said “yea when he was a younger kid he was at the doctors office and the doctor asked him if he wanted to meet a special dog and he was like I love dogs.” so they brought in a poodle (they are not all poodles) and she said stick your hand out and if she licks your hand you have high blood sugar and if she nudges you and gives you an alert you have low blood sugar. He said “she licked his hand. ” He then said, “I actually volunteered for a few days at the facility in concord where they train the dogs for a project for class. I took my grandma with me and she couldn’t believe it. They use the dogs that couldn’t pass because typically they are more high energy labs that couldn’t calm down very well and you want a dog that will make it know that you need to check your blood sugar. I would get one if i could, but they are kind of expensive and I would treat it like a dog and not tool for my health. It was a great experience and I would do it again if i could.” Wow, I had no idea that they had dogs for that. He had mentioned to me before they had dogs for diabetics, but never went into great detail about it.

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