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Core Concept

Our Core Concept is: Our Film Will follow Andrew VanMeter and his Life living with Type 1 Diabetes to raise awareness on the disease.

Inciting: Andrew was born a Diabetic.

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Title: “My life as a Diabetic”

Story: The film is about Andrews struggle with Diabetes and how he has turned it into something positive. We plan to interview Andrew and his Mom. We also are going to try to interview Andrews doctor.

Approach: We plan to use live shooting, time lapse, text screen, motion graphics, interviews.

Style interactive: Audience will hear us asking questions and describing some situations going on during hand held shots.

Obligatories: We want to tell you Andrews story by showing him correcting his blood sugar and testing his blood sugar. We also want to show statistics about diabetes.

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Story Board


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Project recording

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How many types of Diabete?

When I was looking this up, I thought I would only find 2. I thoug there was only type 1 and type 2 because that’s all you hear about. There are 12 different types of diabetes.

There is:

  • Gestatatiomal diabetes: which occurs during pregnancy and means high blood sugar.
  • Diabetes lada: which is like type 2 diabetes, but is lacking some of the symptoms of type 2.
  • Diabetes Mody: shares some symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but is genetic and runs in families. With most it doesn’t always need insulin.
  • Double Diabetes: Which is when someone with Type 1 diabetes developes insulin resistance, which is key part of type 2 diabetes.
  • Type 3 diabetes: which is a resistance to insulin caused by Alzheimer’s.
  • Steroid induced diabetes: I think the name explains this one.
  • Brittle Diabetes: is diabetes where the blood sugar is all over the place from high to low which is caused from stress and depression.
  • Secondary diabetes: is caused by another medical issue.
  • Diabetes mellitus: Has symptoms like type 1 and 2 , but is not related to blood sugar.
  • Juvenile Diabetes: this type of diabetes is focus on the young.
  • The last two type are type 1 and 2.

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Guide dogs for Diabetics

Andrew and I were driving around and he saw a blind man walking with his seeing eye dog. He then asked me if I knew what they did with the dogs that couldn’t pass being a seeing eye dog… I said “no.” He said “They actually re-train them to become a diabetic dog. ” He then said “yea when he was a younger kid he was at the doctors office and the doctor asked him if he wanted to meet a special dog and he was like I love dogs.” so they brought in a poodle (they are not all poodles) and she said stick your hand out and if she licks your hand you have high blood sugar and if she nudges you and gives you an alert you have low blood sugar. He said “she licked his hand. ” He then said, “I actually volunteered for a few days at the facility in concord where they train the dogs for a project for class. I took my grandma with me and she couldn’t believe it. They use the dogs that couldn’t pass because typically they are more high energy labs that couldn’t calm down very well and you want a dog that will make it know that you need to check your blood sugar. I would get one if i could, but they are kind of expensive and I would treat it like a dog and not tool for my health. It was a great experience and I would do it again if i could.” Wow, I had no idea that they had dogs for that. He had mentioned to me before they had dogs for diabetics, but never went into great detail about it.

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Diabetes Summer camp

I asked andrew the other day if there are things some people might not know about diabetes that Would be interesting. He said, ” well yea actually… they have a special summer camp for kids with diabetes, so we can feel like a normal kid and go to camp. It is special because all of the camp couslers are either diabetic or are actual doctors who are there to help if anything medical comes up. We got to go on over night hikes, play games, camp fires and the whole nine yards. It was called bearskin meadow camp, and it was somewhere up in the mountains. It was really fun and I was able to go twice and I met a lot of kids with diabetes and it made me feel somewhat normal. I wish I could have gone more.” I was amazed that they have camp for just diabetics.

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Correcting for food.

I watch andrew correct for for food and his blood sugar through his insulin pump and wondered how he it did and what it did… so I asked him how do you correct for everything? He said “I met with my endocrinologist to discuss and go over my blood sugar numbers. I correct 1 unit for every 10 grams of carbohydrates and 1 unit of insulin per 20 points to drop my blood sugar. I pre-set my pump for this, so I can just enter in the numbers. This can change whenever there is a change in my day to day life or health. I just enter in my blood sugar and how many grams of carbohydrates I eat. When I was on shots and on my first few pumps,  I had to do the math on a calculator. It was a big pain in the butt. And I that is how I correct for everything.” I was kind of shocked on how much he has to actually do. he is really good at math and I kind of know why now.

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Insulin pump?

insulin-pump-diagramThis is How the insulin pump is hooked up to the body. The tube and site are changed every three days and is changed from side to side of the body for less chance of infection. Here is a diagram I made of Coleens Pump.




The pump helps with giving the right amount of insulin through the tube and slowly gives insulin through out the day.

Here is a video of Andrew explaining his pump.


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What Are some Common complications?

Andrew being Type 1 Diabetic means he is at risk of heart Disease, Nerve Damage, Kidney disease, Eye damage, Skin Fungal. If Andrew keeps his blood sugar in a good range he is less likely to have these complications. Now Andrew has had is blood sugar in the 300, which is from not giving himself insulin and basically not taking care of himself. This resulted in him being in the early stages of kidney disease, but since he was in the early stages, he still has a chance to turn it around. He is constantly going to doctor appointments because they are checking to make sure he is on track with his blood sugar. To read more about complications click the link below.

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