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The narrative spine of our film is built around 4 questions that drives the focus of our film:

1. Who is Andrew VanMeter?

2. What is Diabetes?

3. What is life like living with Diabetes?

4. How can we prevent Diabetes?

Our story will focus on one main character, Andrew VanMeter.  His story will be the driving force of the film and will be supported by a few supporting characters.  His tale will be supported by stories shared from his Wife and his Mother.  We also hope to get interviews with other diabetics and their experiences, and a physician to provide us with an expert’s opinion on the matter.

Andrew’s daily struggles with Diabetes is the conflict present in our film.

We hope that through our core questions we explore a disease that’s known about but not understood.  We hope that by sharing Andrew’s story we will raise awareness of Diabetes and spread information on how to prevent Diabetes in the future.

The inciting incident in our story took place when Andrew was diagnosed with diabetes as a child.  His lifelong struggle is the catalyst that moves our story forward.

Getting enough supporting characters and supporting footage proves to be our most difficult task.



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