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Is Andrew VanMeter and is 23 years old. He was diagnosed as baby and his mom was told that he would have a 98% chance of not being Type 1 Diabetic and was was that 2% that did.856192_601065366576513_1755122207_oNow his brother was the opposite and had a 98% chance of being diabetic, but has never had it. Now, Andrew has never known anything else besides being diabetic. Growing up he was made fun of and people always think he is caring a pager because his pump looks like one. Andrew is still a normal person, but he does have his set backs like drinking. He can not drink alcohol because it turns to sugar and if he try to give him self insulin, it can go two way 1) it can help bring down his sugar or 2) shoot it so high that he would have to go to the hospital. When Andrew was younger he had to take shots of insulin, which where not very accurate so he was always have seizures, this was a cause of low blood sugar. Looking at Andrew you would never know he was diabetic because he seems perfectly healthy.

Here is a little video introduction of Andrew VanMeter.









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  1. Good posts on your topic, and I do like how you changed your background image and design to blend in and not distract from your content!

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