Our logo “Sketchy Productions” will open our film. Then we will cut to B Roll footage of Andrew and his day to day life, with voice over’s by himself and mother Coleen. We will also include classical music to help set the mood for the introduction and body. As Andrew Vanmeter introduces himself, the title of the film will be introduced as well.


Core Concept: Our film will follow Andrew Vanmeter and his life living with type 1 diabetes to raise awareness on the disease.

To help get our story across, we plan to use A Roll, B Roll, many still images, infographs, voice overs, music, and transition elements. This will help set the mood for our core concept and back up facts that we have researched. We have interviews with various people using tightly framed close ups and medium shots to capture emotion. Our music will set the pace and mood of our film. It will also help with the transition from sad to positive.


To summarize our film we plan to have Doctor Kim state statistics that will lead to a group of people saying that they are type 1 diabetic as well. This will help support what we have shown and help spread awareness to our audience. In addition our inspirational music will help our audience feel what our main character has gone through.



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