Aug 172011

This is incredible! I found an article about a conference held where a group of self-proclaimed "geeks" and all the new new dating tools they have invented. The list includes chat room mobile apps and date proposal websites. Give it a look, the punchline is dating plus liquor, plus technology breeds creative ideas.

Aug 172011

I found this interesting poll held by about the relevance of pets in relationships. How do they affect someone's outlook on potentional daters. I found this interesting because it was held by an online dating service. If a person was to meet someone say, at the grocery store, would one of the first things that would be discussed is pets, and how they each feel about them? Seems like more of a third, fourth date sort of conversation or even further along the line. Here on these websites that information is on the first page a person reads when they browse matches, and it can even discourage certain connections made via the site. I thought this was an interesting piece and was considering using it for my graph. The article is intriguing, take a look at the link below.

Aug 172011

A website called has been collecting information on the behavior and attributes of the modern day man and is selling this information to numerous other companies that are interested in accumulated information that might attribute to dating websites. It's as if telemarketers are no longer the bad guys. Instead of selling your phone number they are selling "you." They take personal information someone might have provided in a normal survey and created statistics in which can be sold off like commodity.

Jul 272011

So I have decided to continue on with my adventure into the eHarmony dating world, however I want to put a twist on it, to really test out how fool-proof this dating industry is. I am not going to answer the questions honestly, but as most people do when being interviewed, answer them as if there is a right answer for every question. I am not going to be honest and true to who I am, but instead project what I think society has implemented as the ideal mate. I’m going to do this to prove that anyone can hop online and make themselves look like prince or princess charming and with the lack of actual physical contact and communication how is someone able to decipher the frauds from the real people.

Jul 272011

When perusing the numerous articles about online dating I stumbled across an article that was basically a flyer, calling all those interested in getting into the online dating business. I found it interesting that for some time now there have been conventions held solely for the online dating industry. At these conventions these professionals discuss techniques, new technology and tips to be successful in a dating industry.

“Virtual Dating Industry Conference is Today, June 15 at” Investment Weekly News (July 2, 2011): 958. General Business File ASAP. Gale. LIRN. 27 July 2011

Jul 272011

When researching eHarmony, my first conquest of the online dating world and first aspect I am approaching for digital dating, I decided to sign up, see what kind of process I would be sent through. I was given pages and pages of so-called "personal" questions that would decipher just what kind of person I am. It felt oddly like filling out an online application for a job. As I was going through these questions I couldn't help but ponder on the absolute obsurdity of some of them. Questions that are so simple, can so easliy be falcified, and seem almost as to have a predetermined answer, hardly seem like the life questions I would want to ask a love canidate across the dinner table. A question such as number two on this list: "My partner's energy level?" Who would honestly answer that they want their possible partner to be a lazy couch potato? Then it goes to ask about how dependable you'd like your partner to be. Honestly, let's think about that one. Who in their right mind would say that they didn't care if their partner was dependable, like yes please set me up with a lazy couch potato flake who's never there when you need them. I really started to chew the idea of this capadability without contact idea over in my mouth, and the taste was off. How can a room full of "scientists" determine who I'm going to love based on a long list of questions that seem so simple that their hardly relevant? How can people I've never met, who don't know me, really know me, not just a laundry list of normal to sub-normal characteristics, really know who I'm going to love? I had always thought that love was something in the gut, something you felt deep inside when your with someone, something that told you that this might be different. Maybe I'm a sucker for the oldschool idea of butterflies in your stomach, and I have thought long and hard as to proximity to someone creating love if it is sustained, but there is something so very impersonal about this personal querey. I can't that these generic questions can determine whether or not the person on the other end of the computer likes Family Guy, or Animes, or goes a little crazy without warning. I can't imagine that they could determine that I love the way a man looks when he's not trying at all, or the feeling of sleeping in with someone. They can ask me how important education and religion are but I value men who are interested in the same kind of work I am, that I can share my crazy ideas with, that might share my warped sense of creativity. These things are personal to me, that are not included in this quesionaire, that someone wouldn't know about me unless we talked. Someone could argue that communication via the internet might close up some of the cyber gaps and make things more personal, but then how do they know the physical things about me that might sway a person to either fall in love or not? When taking a psychology class on marriage and relationships I read a true story about a couple who had been married for over fifty years and they can still describe what it was that made them fall in love. The woman had expressed that it was his smell. That as soon as she was in close proximity to her future husband, she knew, merely from the smell of him. I can't lie that I have been attracted to certain men in my life and that even an article of closing with a lingering smell would not just flare my nostrils but ignite an emotional and physical reaction inside of me. So how do these thermones get triggered when all you have to go off of is words on a screen, a stoic snap-shot, a voice on the other end of the phone, a person talking over a camera with miles between you. It's these small things that I think create a love connection, so how can these people behind the scenes really find the man of my dreams, when their questionaire doesn't really even get into the deep aspects of who I truly am, only the shallow, vavid responses of a person who has an idealogy already made up in their head? Give it a glance. Take a look at what supposedly defines us as individuals in one of the most prominant aspects of our life, love. What do you think? Could you be defined by these questions?

1.My partner's personal values

2.My partner's energy level

3.Enjoying the way I feel around my partner

4.My partner's dependability

5.My partner's sex appeal

6.My partner's love of children

7.My partner's beliefs

8.My partner's fun-loving nature

9.My partner's physical appearance

10.The chemistry between me and my partner

11.The similarities between me and my partner

12.The romantic attraction I feel for my partner

13.My partner's personality

14.My partner's kindness

15.Our sexual compatibility

16.My partner's ability to communicate

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Jul 212011

Have you ever wondered just how these online dating services work? Who’s behind the desk at these digital offices? Who’s running the show? How exactly DO they find the long lost love of your life? Well I found quite a few videos on the topic, this being the most informative, basing itself on, one of the most lucrative of the dating sites today.