Aug 172011

A very exiting skype date:



Flirting via skype:








Aug 172011

This is incredible! I found an article about a conference held where a group of self-proclaimed "geeks" and all the new new dating tools they have invented. The list includes chat room mobile apps and date proposal websites. Give it a look, the punchline is dating plus liquor, plus technology breeds creative ideas.

Aug 062011

I took a trip out to Lake Tahoe over our summer break and decided to pick up a magazine for the first time in years to read while at the lake. Not having read a magazine in a while, and having been an avid reader when I was younger i expected the usual gossip and man tips that these sorts of magazines provide. I was correct, however magazines are apparently trying to keep up with the new digital wave of communication and I just had to share these articles that Cosmopolitan contained.

Are you Texting Him Too Much?

this was a quiz that the reader is supposed to take with a Synopsis of:

"It's so natural just to shoot your man a message whenever. But remember, guys aren't huge communicators and don't deal well when bombarded with infor. Take our quiz and see if you should give your thumbs a rest."
This quiz goes on to explain which text messages are correct, and which are inappropriate. Do they really have people that specialize in this sort of thing??

Decode His Facebook Status

This was hilarious! I will give you a couple of the paragraphs:

Man who posts lots of "deep" thoughts"
translation: He obviously takes himself pretty seriously, but he's also the type who's thoughtful and reliable. He likes to think things through before he acts , which means he'll be extra sensitive to your needs.

Sarcastic Guy who vents his pet peeves
translation: men who use Facebook to constantly vent are looking for some reassurance and attention. Experts say people are actually more likely to respond to a post that elicits a negative emotion- such as annoyance or anger- than a postive one.

Bro who quotes Movies 24/7
translatin: He's goofy and playful. Guys relate to one another through humor and like to one-up each other's movie quotes, so this is his way of interacting with his FB friends.

Wow. All I can say is wow. Who is the authority on these topics? Are there really people who study this sort of thing. Wow.