Sep 162011

Digital Dating

Jennifer Baker: Producer

Nikita Malone: Editor           

Greg Adams: Camera/ Sound Editor


                                    Digital Dating

Does online dating take away from meeting people organically? Is this a positive or negative thing? Before online dating we were not meeting our true matches? Is online dating the only way to truly meet the one? We aim to explore the online dating world. We want to examine the reactions, emotions, and results of participating in online dating.

Our story plot is to have two team members begin the journey into online dating. We want to film the process, the questionnaire, the matches found, how often or how little the team member is matched, how compatible they actually are. We would like it be narrated, where the narrator is the person in the shot. We would like to do voiceovers, so that the team member explains what they are doing, while they are doing it without talking to the camera.

We also aim to film an actual date. How much of what is said online is real? Does the picture compare, the information in the person’s profile? How does the date go? Is it awkward? Is it an actual match?

We also want to interview people with experience in online dating, find out if it was beneficial for them, how much time they spend on it, did they feel as if it was worth the money.  We want our podcast to feel personal, with upbeat sounds. We would like to incorporate screen shots of the process, statistics and other interviews with people who have been through the process as well as those who try to meet people offline.

Is online dating technology’s answer to romance in a digital age? At the end of the day is easier access to more people beneficial for finding true love, or does it only give us more options in which we become pickier. Is being behind the computer checking your matches taking away from going out into the world and giving real people you see everyday a chance?


Digital Dating


Dating Website

  • Sign up for an online dating site.
  • Finish Questionnaire, film process
  • Look over results
  • Find candidate, make connection
  • Set up date



  • Meet, go on date, film
  • Interview both people after the date


Outside Interviews

  • Interview people at:
    • Movie theaters
    • Malls
    • Bars
    • Clubs
    • Restaurants


Post Date

  • After the date collect data
  • Interview team member
  • How long did it take
  • Was it successful
  • Final conclusion