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Technology Teacher

‘Best Shot’ Crew Members:

Jeff Anderson
Charles Huff
Keith Doughlas Johnson
Ze’John Parker

Overview: This Documentary is about broadcasting music lessons for students in real time media.

Intended Audience: Technology Tech will be intended for all ages and groups.

Objective of film: The film will show how this technology works (i.e basic setups, trouble shooting), also showing how the teacher and students respond to this style of learning. The film will be showing if this method of teaching music is effecient in time, learning and finacally. Is it user friendly, pros and cons of the technology and finally where is the technology going.

Soundtrack: Original Music from Jeff Anderson and Charles Huff, Music that strikes curiosity and a sense of learning or achievement.

Best Shot will make Technology Teacher entice all viewers of the new method of teaching and learning. The crew will get up and personal with the teacher and students to provide that sense of being able to relate. The film will should in brief detail how the whole system works, how its set up, where and when can the technology be used and most importantly is it user friendly. The challenge of the film is to get more people to see that the way of learning is changing at a fast speed and for those are afriad of change and or new technology or a way to learn, we will show that its not bad after all and that it is efficient and reliable.

Another goal is to seek out the pros and cons of the technology, i.e are there any rules, regulations, and or restrictions. Finally the film would like to provide at least a idea on where this technology is headed in the future, what does that mean for future schools, classes and students as well as teachers but most importantly what does that mean for you and I.

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