My Project is a look at how the use of technology in middle schools expands the learning experience within music and arts programs.

The main focus will be Band and classroom music classes at Don Riggio School in Stockton, CA. Recently these two programs have been interacting through the use of iPad to create a live feed into each other’s worlds. Music teachers Chris Anderson and Anthony Kalofa have since been brainstorming ways to expand beyond the walls of their classrooms and connect the school as a whole.

I will also look at students involvement in technology around the school as a whole. The student Tech Crew will be interviewed about the learning process as well as what got them into tech work in the first place. If possible, I’d like to integrate Don Riggio students tech work in with my project to create a collaborated piece of media.

Finally I will interview Principal Joan Calonico, as well as other teachers involved in the Arts and Technology. I hope to get a sense of how technology has evolved in the school, how it is currently being used, and aspirations for the future.


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