Project Sharing

Students at both Don Riggio and T.C.K middle school are currently working on a build your own instrument project. Students are encouraged to take two instruments from a different family and combine them in a drawing. These projects will soon be shared between the two campuses via Facetime. Hoping for screen shots from the session. Photos to come!

Don Riggio Voiceover

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Expanding the audience

The band and classroom music students have already expanded into each other’s worlds via Face time. Now, classroom music students have expanded their audience by sending live classroom performances to the office. A student “music drone” was sent down to the office to broadcast back to the classroom. So far, this has been the farthest distance for the “Music Drone” experiment. More from Chris Anderson later on how to further expand beyond the classroom.

Chris Anderson on the Don Riggio Tech Crew.

During my interview with Chris one topic was the school musicals. He explained that over time, musical productions were focused from a school wide production to grade level productions. Our focus of conversation was the 4th-8th grade productions due to the amount of tech and behind the scenes work done by students. Chris estimates that out of about 110 kids involved in productions, 30 of them are involved in tech and stage crew. “Kids are learning to run the light board, the spotlight, and to program lighting cues into the computer.” At any given time there are 6 to 8 kids trained to run the light or sound board that have been handpicked and have been observers the year before. Having the kids observe the process the year before gives them time to not only learn the technology but respect it as well. Overall, students at Don Riggio have an immense respect for the technology and for getting the task done. Nearly all setup, lighting, sound, cuing, and stage managing is done live by students.