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Growing up in a creative family meant that most of my time was spent drawing, painting, working in the wood shop with my grandpa, and playing music with my parents. My first musical experience was singing in my mom’s youth choir in the third grade. That same year while waiting for my parents after school in the band room I picked up a trumpet and blew a note. My dad, the band director and a professional trombonist, ran into the room and taught me to play and read music. I went on to play trumpet in concert, marching, and jazz band through high school. When I received a guitar for eighth grade graduation, my fate as a musician was sealed. I taught myself to play, leading to an interest in music theory, jazz, composing, and the bass. Now, I hold both the rhythmic groove and the melody in ensembles, with bass and guitar being my primary instruments.

Art also came very naturally to me. Lessons starting at age five as well as encouragement from my grandpa, an art and wood shop teacher, fueled a deep interest in drawing, painting, and other visual arts. While attending family camp, I connected with Disney’s John Musker. He introduced me to the process of putting together a Disney animated feature, which inspired me to see films more from the production side and not just the visual side. This idea soon influenced my musical studies.

Over the last several years I experimented musically and gained beneficial skills in sound production, playing in up to five bands in a variety of genres at one time. Having to set up live sound in less than desirable rooms with even less than desirable equipment forced me to find a way to make it work, which only fueled my curiosity about production. When my own band decided to self produce its first album I was hooked. A fellow band mate and I acted as the producers and engineers as we recorded the seven-piece band one member at a time. Later on we integrated our process with video production as well. As I started to join other groups, these newfound skills became very useful and made me stand out among my fellow musicians.

I am excited to currently be surrounded by so many creative people who are just as passionate about the arts as I am. I look forward to working with and getting to know everyone. So whether you want to talk shop, collaborate, or just get to know one another, don’t be a stranger!




Charles Huff

Whats going on world… Just to give you a little info about me, I’m from the Bay Area originally San Fransico but moved and was raised in the east bay. I am the oldest of 4 siblings 3 brothers and 1 sister. I proudly served in the navy for 8 years as a IT (Information Systems Tech), during my time in the military i had the opportunity to see the world and also realize more about myself. I came to the realization that something was missing in my life, although the navy was a very good experience i still felt incomplete and ultimately unhappy. So after i was honorably discharged from the service i decided to use my training and privileges i gained from the military in my favor. I got enrolled at E’xpression College to purse my music career and gain skills to help me compete in the artistic world.  My passion for music came from my fathers side of the family, he (chucke luv) and his brother (trojan mac) were both 80′s dj’s in SF, primarily the filmore and hunters point areas and were both well known  successful, I also love the way music sets tones of emotions and can control environments. I aspire to become a successful  Dj, Rap Artist and Studio Owner.

zay p

Zejohn Parker

My name is ZeJohn Parker. I am attending Expression College and I am in the Sound Arts program. The thing that attracted me to this school was the curriculum. The versatile classes allow you to expand your skill and knowledge in anything that you want to do. For me, I know that it will help me with the different aspects of the production of music. Emotions, independence, and experience are the things that helps with my creativity. When I say independence, I mean focussing on your own thoughts and allowing yourself to interact with your own mind. 10 from now, I would like to see myself doing what I am doing now but better. Just a fan of the art, who also loves creating it. My biggest influence is having the power to inspire other people. I like to creates images, through music. My biggest inspiration is the endless possibilities of learning new things. Learning new things can always help you if you use it right.

The Squad

Keith Douglas-Johnson (Red Hoodie)

Hi! I’m Keith Douglas-Johnson. I am an aspiring music producer looking to sharpen my skills here at Ex’pression. I creatively thrive on music. Rhythm draws me in, melody sends me on a natural high, and writing balances me out. I see myself producing and mixing hit after hit ten years from now. I love funk and jazz integrated into hip hop. My most major influence is 90′s west coast hip hop. I create organic hip hop. I’m a lyricist not a rapper! When I was a child my dream was to be an animator. But through life I grew to love and preform as a musician. I have still always wanted to be a part of an animation project. My Brother in law to be has an anime project that he would like me to arrange the music for.

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