Interview questions for Documentary

During the interview we plan to ask the following questions:

To Students:

  • What school events involving technology are you a part of?
  • How did you get involved in the tech crew?
  • What does the tech crew do?
  • How does the tech crew work?
  • Do you enjoy working in the tech crew? Why?

For Admin/Teachers:

  • How is technology used at Don Riggio?
  • What do you feel the benefits of this technology are?
  • What are some issues with integrating technology into everyday lesson plans?
  • What are some setbacks due to funding?
  • How do you hope to advance the use of technology?

Questions to be asked still:

  • How has Don Riggio maintained arts programs in spite of budget cuts in schools and the arts?
  • What are some struggles of maintaining and advancing these programs?
  • How transparent are these issues to the students?
  • Are there any examples of these behind the scenes issues directly effecting students?