Feed back from Rough Cut


Over all we received a good response, however due to the story not having conflict it was advised that we should change the direction of the story and possibly compare Don Riggo school to a less privileged public school, in order to expose the disadvantages of the other public schools that don’t have Don Riggo’s programs and or opportunities

  • The footage was good, we had a lot of footage that included the kids actually doing and explaining the work.
  • Character: the children are the heart of the stories.
  • Conflict? The conflict needs to be easy to understand. Some ideas may include:

1)   The learning difference of technology then compared to now.

2)   What problems does the technology bring to learning.

3)   The funding problems that make it hard to access more equipment.

4)   Why isn’t more schools like this school?

5)   Will certain access to technology give students at Don Riggio a learning advantage.

  • Main Topic? The main topic needs to be clearer. Maybe emphasize the voiceover, or use interview footage that asks/ answers more questions. The interviews are always important to the subject.