About the Project


“A Trick of the Eye”

My project is about creating video game props. Rather than creating an in depth tutorial (of which there are plenty of, and would take hours of video to give the audience a good understanding)), the goal is to briefly highlight the general processes, techniques, and the level of effort that goes in to constructing a single, simple prop. Rather than to instruct an inexperienced 3D artist, the goal is to give game and animation, an understanding the kind of work that goes in to creating even a simple part of the games they enjoy. “How It’s Made” for Gamers.


Rather than a who, (The who being a 3D artist), the project focuses on steps in the process, it is more educational than story driven in nature.


A majority of the footage would be captured off of a screen, but additional footage may be shot at a computer workstation, either at Ex’pression College or using a personal workstation.


The main “what” of the project, would be a simple 3D prop, or more specifically, the major components of it’s creation. The prop would be created   and visualized through a series of high resolution renders and “timelapse” sections of video, accompanied by concise, well dictated voice over.


The project will outline a modern 3D art workflow, using up to date software and techniques, while avoiding or barely touching on brand new or cutting edge techniques that may not yet be widely used in the industry. The point is to focus on what people have been seeing, and not necessarily what they will see soon. My own skill level is a factor in this.


The audience could truly be anybody who appreciates video games, or has any interest in the work that goes in to creating them. My goal is not to create a technical or complicated tutorial, the goal is to create a video that can give anyone an appreciation for 3D art.


My role in this project would be to direct, as well as research techniques and tutorials in order to fully understand the workflow used to create a 3D prop. Depending on the course the project takes in terms of characters or focus, I may create and screen capture the creation of the prop myself.


As a GAD student, I’m of course interested in this project as it highlights the very process I’d like to make a career out of. This project will force me to thoroughly research and completely understand every step of the process. The goal outside of that is to create a short, simple video that can give anybody a simple understanding of different aspects of computer graphics. “CG” is a word that is often thrown around as if it were magic. I would like to raise awareness and appreciation for the work that goes in to 3D art.


Aside from a “How it’s made” style story where the process is the focus, I believe there may be room for stories with 3D artists to express why they love to work with what they do, or to express their thoughts on the lack of understanding of 3D art, or lack of appreciation for 3D artists (Games are often praised for their graphics, yet the people creating those graphics are rarely recognized outside of the CG community).

Deconstructing the major components of 3D art for Games & Animation