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My name is Jason Moran.

I was born in raised in Northern Virginia, about 45 minutes from Washington DC. My Dad is a mechanical engineer and taught me to use AutoCAD while I was in high school. A short time after high school, I started dabbling in 3D art. I got a job as an Applications Engineer at a company called ClearEdge3D, which creates modeling software that uses point cloud data gathered from laser scanners to create BIMs (Building Information Models). This was my first experience in real professional 3D modeling (while not polygonal modeling), software development, testing, as well as demonstration and training.

Working at ClearEdge really validated for me that my interest and skill as a 3D modeler was worth pursuing, and while it was a great job, I wanted to be in a place closer to the heart of the game industry for the sake of meeting other likeminded people, focusing on my modeling skills, and networking. While I’m still a beginner at 3D art, I have been teaching myself modeling, as well as the basic principles and knowledge of how 3D art is made over the last year.

I came to Ex’pression college so that I could be closer to the heart of the game industry, and events like the Game Developers Conference, to give myself a place where I could focus on my art, and of course to network with like-minded people.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, although I wouldn’t consider myself a serious musician, playing video games, and occasionally building plastic models (Warhammer, Gundam) when I have the money.

Me on Polycount. (If you’re a Game Art student and you don’t have one, you need one)

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Four logos created during Session 4.
Four logos created during Session 4.

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