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My name is Jacob Hulbert and I am an Animation and Visual Effects student at Expression College for Digital Arts. I also enjoy railroad and nature photgraphy. The thing that mostly influenced me in my decision to attend this school is my passion for animation and visual effects. I am driven everyday to learn more and more and to have fun doing it. The main goal is to never stop learning. My goal for the next next ten years is to become a successful animator and to never stop learning. I receive a large amount of inspiration from Pixar Animation Studios films such as UP and Ratatouille. The type of work that I create is mainly 3D animation and some visual effects.

Greetings.  My name is Kai Comstock and I am a Digital Film student at Ex’pression College.  Originally I heralded from a small town north of Lake Tahoe called Truckee, where the only seasons are “cold” and “not cold” and the bears are more prolific than rats. Deciding that I was tired of shooing ursine away from the garbage cans, I came to the bay area to study cinematography and screenwriting.

My name is Eddie Clark.  I am a audio student at expression working on saving history in a miniature.. Visual camera editing is not my forte im looking forward to learning a lot working on this documentary. I have another friend interested in trains and building train sets. I have basic knowledge about trains im looking forward  to the next 8 weeks.

My name is Maurice Cooper and I am currently enrolled in the Sound Art Program at Ex’Pression College. A few of my hobbies include Djing, playing sports, and doing any and everything revolved around editing. Both sound and video editing have become a passion of mine. Being in this college environment based around editing has only fueled my desire to become the best editor I can be.

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