Saving History in…. Miniature

Jacob Hulbert,

Eddie Clark

Kai Comstock,

Maurice “Moe” Cooper


The exploration of Victor Shattock’s life and legacy through the Golden Gate Live Steamers.

Everybody from the ages of 8 to beyond.


To spread awareness of the rich history of the Golden Gate Live Steamers.


Our soundtrack is a swing 1930s piece inspired by Louis Armstrong. Mixed in are undercurrents of train audio ranging from horns to railroad crossing sirens to clatter of tracks.


We hear the sound of a steam locomotive as we open on the wall of the history at the Golden Gate Live Steamers main clubhouse. As the sound of the steam locomotive fades into the distance, our soundtrack fades in to replace it. We then hear our narrator giving a brief overview of the beginning history of the Golden Gate Live Steamers club, in particular how Victor Shattuck founded the club.

Our narration then sugues from history into an introduction of our first interviewee, Walter. Walter is an older member of the club and tells us about the early days of the Golden Gate Live Steamers.

When Walter has finished his story, our narration picks up again to talk about how Victor Shattuck was willing to help any member of his club who came to him. From there we transition to how the modern day Golden Gate Steamers also help people with their models, in particular the repair of steam engines. We’re introduced to our next two interviewees, Matt and David, two younger members of the club. Matt and David share what they do in the club and how they continue the legacy of Victor Shattuck by helping other steam enthusiasts.

We wrap up with how a narration of how Victor Shattuck’s influence continues to this day and quote from the man himself. We slowly fade out to the sound of a steam locomotive and whistle.


Archival imagery, narration, interview.