About the Project

The main purpose of this project is to share the story of the Golden Gate Live Steamers with the viewers. The main way that I plan to do this is to explain the story behind the creator of the miniature railroad; Victor Tom Shattock. I will show how his past life experiences such as his childhood and his life as a railroader’s son influenced his creation. The oldest live steam club in the country did not just pop into existence; it is the culmination of love and hard work.

Located in Tilden Park in the Berkeley Hills, the Golden Gate Live Steamers is a group of individuals who have a love for the railroad and the people who were essential in its creation. The amount of history in this non-profit organization is monumental and the way in which I plan to retrieve it is through joining the club and interviewing club members. For instance Victor Shattock was a railroader from the time he was born until the time he died in 1974. The creation of this organization was that of many years of work and moving around until Victor finally found the right place to put his layout in 1934.

In conclusion this incredible individual embraced his railroading lifestyle and created one of the oldest live steam clubs in the nation. It is because of him that steam lives on in the lives of children and adults everywhere especially in the bay area. The Golden Gate Live Steamers has a great wealth of history, and because of this I would like to tell their story.


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