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Justin MacMinn
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I am a student currently enrolled in the Game Art and Design program at Expressions College. Drawing and creating different forms of art has always been one of my major hobbies. The two major art forms I create pieces of work in are Art itself such as: drawing, painting, design, etc. and music. I plan on learning and retaining all the information I can while I am hear at Expressions. Even though my major is Game Art and Design, I still plan on progressing with my music on the side. Design comes first because its what I am enrolled in and paying for. Understanding and mastering different concepts and techniques in this field is my number one priority. When it comes to my music, any time I have that I do not need to dedicate to school, I try to put in as much time as possible into learning more about the foundations of music and also becoming more adept at utilizing Logic Pro 9 and the plug-ins I have installed with it.