Our rough cut critique and final critique were both pretty brutal. The rough cut we had prepared wasn’t of the best quality, and we only had a fraction of the footage we planned to get, so our critics Jerry and Shanti let us know that we still had much to do. Our final critique was similar – even though we had developed our characters pretty well, our story wasn’t told completely, and Shanti actually said that our rough cut was better. That hurt, Shanti. That hurt…

Anyway, for the screening on January 15th we’ll have all of our footage and our story completed.



Team Hotbreak

Beginning and Ending

Our documentary will start out with Sam and Ben introducing themselves, and then starting a batch of beer. It will end with them finishing the brew, and since it takes a week of waiting for the process to actually complete, we will all taste a beer of the same type that Sam had pre-made of the same variety.

Production Checklist


Each day of production needs its own checklist.


Equipment Checkout:

Do you have everything you reserved?



☐ camera (s)             ☐ tripod                     ☐ batteries     ☐ cables

☐ mic(s)                     ☐ white card              ☐ lights           ☐ other__________


☐ Batteries charged for the shoot?

☐ Lighting kit lamps working?




☐ Storage Media

☐ consent forms

☐ pens/pencils

☐ batteries (disposable

☐ snacks/meals

☐ beverages/water bottles


Equipment Setup:


Camera: Audio: Lighting
☐ LMW settings on

☐ White Balance

☐ Iris

☐ Gain

☐ shutter

☐ zebra

☐ neutral density filter

☐ timecode

☐ focus/zoom

☐ mics connected

☐ mics turned on (if needed)

☐ mic settings checked

☐ camera inputs set

☐ gain levels set

☐ channels set

☐ headphone volume set

☐ mic proximity tested

☐ backlight check

☐ lights focused

☐ shadow check





Location Setup:

☐ equipment placement

☐ electrical outlets

☐ lighting sources

☐ background setup – (move clutter, decide what works in camera frame)

☐ crew positions


Location Teardown:

☐ equipment packed

☐ forms signed

☐ clean up any trash or mess

☐ return moved items to where they belong

☐ check space before leaving for items not packed


Equipment Check-in:

Don’t forget to get your footage off the P2 Cards before you return them to the ER. You can return the camera and check out a card reader to do the transfer later.

Interview Questions

We have interviewed Homer, who works at a brew store nearby, and Jeff, a classmate with some brewing experience. Here are some questions we asked them:

-When did you brew your first batch?

-What kind of beer did you make?

-Did you brew with family or friends?

-How did you first learn about brewing?

-What was your first brewing experience like?

-What did the final product taste like?

-Would you brew again? Have you brewed since? Why or why not?


I asked some professional/more experienced brewers these last two questions:


-Do you have any advice for me as an amateur?

-What makes your beer unique?


Our approach to filming this documentary will be somewhat relaxed; Sam has some prior homebrewing experience and Ben has no brewing experience at all. We’re planning on just letting the camera roll while Sam gives Ben a brewing lesson. Tavon and Mike will make their appearances as well. Overall this will be a light-hearted trip through a group of friends brewing together.