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Left to right: Tavon Carter, Sam Spivey, Michael Boyle, and Ben Monson.

Hi, my name is Sam A. Spivey. I am a student at Ex’pression College. I started this site fairly recently for my Living in a Media World Class and I chose to follow my own adventures in home brewing. I am a musician, a writer, and an actor. I grew up in Texas and have spent 4 years living in The Netherlands. I would consider myself well-traveled as my dad had to travel for his job, taking us with him. I love mythology and other cultures. I especially like the study of Geo-political migration and how its influenced the populations of countries. I like to play video games and write music in my spare-time. I love to sing. I play drums, guitar, bass, and I dabble in keyboards. I love nature as well and enjoy hiking and long boarding.

Hello, my name is Tavon Carter. I was born in the city of San Pablo, California in 1995 and was raised in the small town of Fairfield for most of my youth. I attend Ex’pression College. I was first exposed to the world of making music when my older cousin took me to his friends recording studio and I was instantly fascinated by how simple it was to make a song. The same day, I went home and downloaded a program called FL Studio and found to my surprise that it was really exciting just putting sounds together even though the beat had no rhythm. At that moment I knew that I had a desire for creating music. From this day forward music has become a huge part of my life, bordering on obsession. 


I try to be original in everything I do
I make psychedelic electronic hip-hop songs
I like swimming

Hello, my name is Michael Thomas Boyle Im 21 years old i live in Fairfield California and have lived there for my whole life i have 2 younger brothers and im doing this site actually on my middle brother Chris Boyle. I’m currently enrolled in the sound arts program here at expression college and its my first year here and i have really been enjoying it. My views for my future is being able to get my foot in the music industry i want start off by working on studios fixing equipment and setting up studios for artist and specifically in other countries i really want to work in Japan or Tokyo but later in life i would like to release music from all genres and be known for that. To achieve these goals though i need to work hard through college and learn as much as i can so i can use those tools to better me and keep the knowledge to use it when needed later in life. I believe in myself and i have the motivation to follow through with my dreams even though i already am doing it know.


I’ll update this as I think of more:

I realized that I was missing some initial work as I started this site a tad later than I started my assignments. Here is a link to the first site that I started. It will have a small amount of content that doesn’t completely pertain to this website.



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